Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shenny will have a sister

One day my wife and me went to Daihatsu showroom at CBD Bintaro and we met a salesgirl, her name is ms. Rohma, and we discussed about xenia. She explained the specification and Xenia packages credit i.e. Package Impian, Package DP 10%, Package DP 15% and package DP 20%. After we discussed, I interested Xenia XI Deluxe 1300 cc cause it was cheapest one type. There the spion is not electric mirror with lamp, no fog lamp and no alarm, so I decided to add it as in my Xenia. She said would took the requirement for leasing by next day, but she didn’t come. The next day I call her and ask to her that she will come or not, and she told me that she had an accident and she said would come the next day.

On Thursday 13 May 2010, I come to the showroom and upset to her. I asked her why she didn’t told me if she didn’t come for two times. I was awaiting her all day but she didn’t come and no called from her, it will different if she tell me about that when she didn’t come. After she explain all the justification we go on fee book and I was paid 3 Jt and she said it will come back if the ACC is not acceptable with my documents. She told me on Friday the guy from ACC will survey to my home and office, but in the fact only survey to my home and not come to my office, his explanation is he come to Ariobimo building and he didn’t get me. It’s okay because I was work in Plaza Kuningan J and ACC guy said he would come on Saturday but didn’t come again.

On Monday 17 May 2010, ACC guy come to my wife and my office. They do survey that we are working in my company or not and finally on Tuesday, Ms. Rohma called me and she said that ACC approved my documents and we will contract Signoff on Wednesday night and I leave work early for this. I don’t believe that the nominal is typo, so I can’t do this until the next day. I disappointed and want call back agreement with her, it just grits to her, so that she will more seriously to go behind my documents. Let see what will come about contract to night and I will update you soon.

take care :)

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  1. yup on 26 May 2010, Xenny has been on my garage.