Monday, May 10, 2010

Misfortune Shenny and me

On Monday, 26 April 2010 Shenny and me were hard luck. My motor cycle (Shenny) had hit a black car (Honda City) at Senayan Residence T-Intersection near Gelora Bung Karno field. I broke my left leg myself and till now it’s damage and bruised, whereas Shenny is not better than me, the right spion was broken, the footsteps was bent and the tank was scratched and the delta box also, although overall is good.

When an accident was occurred, the girl that bump me take along to Haji Naim Massages parlor. My leg is messaged by a man massage skilled and I was fainted. On the way I was called my Koster friends to help me to bring my Shenny and I go to home . There are Bro Eep and Brogaders Blanksank (CMIIW typo) special thanks for your kindheartedness and my friends that support me when I was an accident. Thanks bro Blanksank you had drive me to my house although we just fist time meet each other.

On Saturday, 1 May 2010 I heard my younger brother, his name is Arif, had accident at his work and he has been broken his right leg. Imagine that the accident is occur in the same day and time. What is wrong with us? Is this a calamity or Is a examination? I hope Allah will blessing us, Amin. Now two weeks passed from that, my leg is still sprained and 85% get better.

Now my body is painful and every night messaged by my wife, my leg can’t do move the motor gear as good so I don’t drive as well. If I’m spinning my leg it’s so hurt, I hope it will be normal as before I had an accident. Btw, I have install a new spion on my motor and straighten the footsteps so it looks as normal back.

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