Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shenny will have a sister

One day my wife and me went to Daihatsu showroom at CBD Bintaro and we met a salesgirl, her name is ms. Rohma, and we discussed about xenia. She explained the specification and Xenia packages credit i.e. Package Impian, Package DP 10%, Package DP 15% and package DP 20%. After we discussed, I interested Xenia XI Deluxe 1300 cc cause it was cheapest one type. There the spion is not electric mirror with lamp, no fog lamp and no alarm, so I decided to add it as in my Xenia. She said would took the requirement for leasing by next day, but she didn’t come. The next day I call her and ask to her that she will come or not, and she told me that she had an accident and she said would come the next day.

On Thursday 13 May 2010, I come to the showroom and upset to her. I asked her why she didn’t told me if she didn’t come for two times. I was awaiting her all day but she didn’t come and no called from her, it will different if she tell me about that when she didn’t come. After she explain all the justification we go on fee book and I was paid 3 Jt and she said it will come back if the ACC is not acceptable with my documents. She told me on Friday the guy from ACC will survey to my home and office, but in the fact only survey to my home and not come to my office, his explanation is he come to Ariobimo building and he didn’t get me. It’s okay because I was work in Plaza Kuningan J and ACC guy said he would come on Saturday but didn’t come again.

On Monday 17 May 2010, ACC guy come to my wife and my office. They do survey that we are working in my company or not and finally on Tuesday, Ms. Rohma called me and she said that ACC approved my documents and we will contract Signoff on Wednesday night and I leave work early for this. I don’t believe that the nominal is typo, so I can’t do this until the next day. I disappointed and want call back agreement with her, it just grits to her, so that she will more seriously to go behind my documents. Let see what will come about contract to night and I will update you soon.

take care :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Misfortune Shenny and me

On Monday, 26 April 2010 Shenny and me were hard luck. My motor cycle (Shenny) had hit a black car (Honda City) at Senayan Residence T-Intersection near Gelora Bung Karno field. I broke my left leg myself and till now it’s damage and bruised, whereas Shenny is not better than me, the right spion was broken, the footsteps was bent and the tank was scratched and the delta box also, although overall is good.

When an accident was occurred, the girl that bump me take along to Haji Naim Massages parlor. My leg is messaged by a man massage skilled and I was fainted. On the way I was called my Koster friends to help me to bring my Shenny and I go to home . There are Bro Eep and Brogaders Blanksank (CMIIW typo) special thanks for your kindheartedness and my friends that support me when I was an accident. Thanks bro Blanksank you had drive me to my house although we just fist time meet each other.

On Saturday, 1 May 2010 I heard my younger brother, his name is Arif, had accident at his work and he has been broken his right leg. Imagine that the accident is occur in the same day and time. What is wrong with us? Is this a calamity or Is a examination? I hope Allah will blessing us, Amin. Now two weeks passed from that, my leg is still sprained and 85% get better.

Now my body is painful and every night messaged by my wife, my leg can’t do move the motor gear as good so I don’t drive as well. If I’m spinning my leg it’s so hurt, I hope it will be normal as before I had an accident. Btw, I have install a new spion on my motor and straighten the footsteps so it looks as normal back.

Friday, May 07, 2010

How To Inject Phones (CDMA)

Telecommunications in Indonesia is growing up very fast. All of telecommunication operator is competition against each other. The PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel), PT Telekomunikasi (Telkom), PT Mobile-8 Telecom, PT Bakrie Telecom, PT Sinarmas , PT HCPT, PT. Sampoerna Telecom, PT Excel Axiata, PT Natrindo Selular (NTS) are telecommunication operator in Indonesia. Every operator has been one or more Sim Card (Starter Packs).

1. PT. Telkomsel has Simpati and As
2. PT. Telkom has Flexi
3. PT. Mobile-8 has Fren and Hepi
4. PT. Bakrie Telecom has Esia
5. PT. Sinarmas Telecom has Smart
6. PT. NTS has Axis
7. PT Sampoerna Telecomunication has Ceria
8. PT. HCPT has 3 (Three)

They are used strategy to getting new subscribers or old with phone bundling promo which is the MSISDN saved in a phone. This way is called Inject and usually used by CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phones. It is very hardly ever in GSM (Global Standard for Mobile Communications) phones. You might ask yourself what is the differentiate between “Inject” and “non-Inject” (RUIM). Previously, I’ll give explanation concerning Inject, for your information in your phones have codes that identification or subscribers identity. The codes are show below:
1. MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber – International Standard Dialing Number).
This is an our phone number as you known. E.g. 0888185xxxx
2. MCC (Mobile Country Code)
This is a country code network. In Indonesia MCC is 510
3. MNC (Mobile Network Code)
This is the operators code network. For example Mobile-8 network is 28.
4. MIN (Mobile Identification Number)
This is a subscriber number or identity that machine know. (Telephone Network)
5. IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier)
This is a combine MCC-MNC-MIN. E.g. 510289921xxxxxx is Mobile-8 IMSI number.
6. SID (Service ID)
This is an Operator ID. E.g. 10530 for Mobile-8
7. A-key (authentication Key)
This is an authentication code. It likes MIN (point 4) is our user id and A-key is our password.
8. ESN (Electronic Serial Number)
This is an our serial phone code (Inject phones) or a RUIM serial code (RUIM phones).
9. Checksum
This is result of calculation or encryption between A-key and ESN.

The most important are MIN, A-Key, ESN and checksum because 4 codes are our identities and everybody have differenced codes. For the other codes (MCC, MNC, etc ), they are operator codes. So the codes are same if they have same operator. For your information, the differentiate of Inject phone and RUIM (simcard) are the codes of identities saved in the phone.

The codes of RUIM phones all of identities be saved in simcard when it was made. So we do not hard to get set the NAM (the terminology for Inject) because all of codes was saved in simcard. Otherwise we should injecting all codes identity (write down) to our phones. Hot to do this ? let’s see the points below.

1. Input the secret codes to entering NAM programming menus. (it’s depend on phones type)
2. If there need SPC (Service Programming Codes) then input the SPC code. It is same with point 1, it is depends on phones type too.

If you need more info about codes that compatible phones with please search by J. After we had succeed with point 1 and 2, it will be very simple as easy as write down a form. We only fill up MIN, A-Key and Checksum on phones. Be sides that you should fill up the SID, MCC and MNC. Reset the phone and hurray we had succeed inject. Don’t forget we need configure inject in 2 sides (operator and phone). For operator side we need updating the ESN in HLR (Home Location Register) use a ESN our phones.

Good luck……. J

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Touring Anyer Session II

Pada Tanggal 4-5 Juli 2009, Pria-pria kesepian yang berjumlah 9 orang melakukan perjalanan ke Anyer-Karang bolong-Carita.
Meraka adalah :
1. Bro Atnlie (gw sendiri),
2. bro Wisnu,
3. Bro nDaru,
4. Bro Adit,
5. Bro Radit,
6. Bro Kutray,
7. Bro Heru,
8. Bro Nico,
9. Bro Birong

ke 8 orang ketemuan di shell slipi, ga tau isi bensin apa ga, yang jelas dari sana mereka agak ngaret yang janjinya 6.30 am berangkat ternyata molor 15 menit karena tunggangan bro Birong bermasalah dengan pedal rem yang tidak jalan seperti biasanya (maklum orang yang jarang service kayak gini dech).

Gw sendiri berangkat dari rumah jam 6.15 am menuju shell bintaro buat isi bensin full tank untuk persediaan selama perjalanan biar ga pusing cari pom bensin. Karena udah agak siang untuk mengejar jam 7 harus standby di halte Daan Mogot samping Samsat pembuatan sim Daan Mogot. Seperti yang gw bilang tadi diatas bahwa mereka ngaret 15 menit dari jam 7 maka, gw pasti udah pasti menunggu agak lama karena gw nyampe disana jam 6.50. Setelah menunggu sambil duduk dihalte, rombongan dateng.

Kemudian kita kenalan sebentar, karena gw juga baru kenal mereka-mereka kecuali Daru. Jadi walau udah rapi2 pake penutup muka dan help, terpaksa gw lepas untuk memperlihatkan kepada mereka betapa tampanya muka gw ini (mode : narsis).

Setelah gw lama basa basinya kita melanjutkan perjalanan ke Anyer. Berhubing gw kebelet pipis maka gw minta forider (bro Wisnu) untuk berhenti di pom bensi untuk pipis dulu ahhh. Setelah pipis maka kita lanjutkan lagi perjalanan sampe akhirnya berhenti dibalaraja untuk sarapan dan istirahat. karena selera makan belum pada kenal, maka kita putuskan makan dirumah makan padang. dijamin orang2 pasti pada biasa makanan ini.

Seteleh melepas lelah dengan menghabiskan minimal 1 piring nasi + lauk, perut terasa kenyang lalu kita melanjutkan perjalanan lagi. Kita memutuskan lewat jalur Taktakan dari pada jalur cilegon. Disamping pemandangan gunung dan pedesaan, udara juga lebih seger, dibandingkan jika melui jalur cilegon yang pastinya jalan rusak dan berdebu, juga truk dan tronton berkeliaran yang dapat menghambat waktu perjalan kelokasi.

Kira2 jam 11 kita udah sampe lokasi cottage yang kita sewa. Namun disana masih dihuni oleh makluk halus yang bermalam disana. sambil menunggu mereka cek out, kita melihat keindahan obak laut dan juga menikmati indahnya makluk halus yang sendang bercengkrama dengan temen2nya sambil "caper" ama kita yang baru dateng. maklum kita-kita rombongan batang semua.

Setelah jam 12.30 belum juga mereka membersihkan lokasi, maka ketua minta mereka cepat bergegas, maklum pengen cepet2 bisa minum kelapa mudah sambil tidur2an. hehe
lumayan rame waktu itu, karena emang lagi masa liburan, maka banyak pemandangan makluk halus yang dapat dinikmati dari hari kedatangan sampe mejelang malem.

berikut cuplikan trip anyer kali ini.

Busyeettt ada yang pacaran juga tuh...Dunia emang udah gendeng.....!!!!

untuk lebih lanjut dapat mengakses facebook gw ato temen gw hehehe..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Touring Anyer Ama Temen Daru

Rencana tanggal 4-5 Juli 2009 ini gw diajak Daru and kawan-kawan maen ke Anyer.
Naek Motor.... wehhhh panass....!!! berangkat siang2 lagi. Bro bro cape dech....
coba kalo berangkat sore ato malem pasti lebih enak dan seger dech kayaknya.

Tapi berhubung gw lagi ambil cuti ya ga papalah dari pada dirumah, ga ada salahnya refreshing ke laut liat pasir putih dan bikin item kulit gw hahaha.
Tapi gw enjoy aja asal ada temenya banyak. Jadi rame dan seger suasanyanya.

Mudah-mudahan seh disana menyenangkan suasananya dan acaranya biar ga nyesel jauh2 dari jakarta ke Anyernya. Yang penting broterhood wakaka.

smoga saja dalam perjalanan dan pulangnya dalam keadaan selamat seperti waktu mo berangkat. Nanti kalo ada dokumentasinya tar tak liatin yah.... hehehe